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Techbridge Students Visit Bassetti Office

March 31, 2016

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Earlier this week, Bassetti Architects had the pleasure of hosting 25 –  5th and 6th grade students from Highline School District as part of the Techbridge Program. The Techbridge organization’s mission is to inspire girls to discover a passion for technology, science, and engineering through hands-on learning.

During their visit to our office, the students participated in a half-day of hands-on instruction designed to introduce them to the world of architecture. The day’s activities included a scavenger hunt, model-making, and other activities focused on developing observation and presentation skills, drawing abilities, creativity, and tools architects use in their work.

The workshop led by Bassetti’s Caroline Lemay, Susan Conway, Krista Whiters, Kirsten McLean, Alex Hooper, Rebecca Pheasant-Reis, and Brittney Denning was a huge success, igniting a passion for architecture in more than a few students.

“I learned that some of the girls were new to the country and only learned to speak English recently. Still, they were full of questions and offered their observations freely and in an unrestrained way which was very refreshing. At the end of  the day, most of them wanted to become architects and work at Bassetti. Mission accomplished!” ~ Caroline Lemay AIA, Principal




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