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East Pine Substation a Seattle Landmark

May 14, 2018

The Fred Bassetti-designed East Pine Street Substation has been designated a Seattle landmark by the City’s Landmarks Preservation Board. Built for Seattle City Light​ in 1967, the award-winning design references the elegant, functional form of glass insulators to create a delightful handcrafted brick enclosure that meets the facility’s industrial equipment needs, while fitting into a historic residential neighborhood. The undulating brick wall surrounding the station was made from a single wythe of dogleg-shaped custom bricks sitting on a precast modular concrete base. This enclosure serves its primary purpose of safely surrounding the utility’s high voltage equipment, and it also originally housed a children’s play structure on one end of the site. The idea of combining function with distinctive humanist elements was a hallmark of Bassetti’s work.

We are very proud to have one of Fred’s favorite projects, and this example of the firm’s longstanding and continuing attention to creating human-scale spaces, receive the City’s landmark designation.

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