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Bassetti commits to improving the impact of our building designs on climate, community, and occupant health. Globally, building construction and operations contribute 40 percent of human impacts to our planet’s climate and ecology. Locally, buildings create and shape our communities and social interactions in quantifiable ways. Individually, the buildings we design directly affect occupant health and performance. Bassetti has signed onto the AIA 2030 Commitment to meet the targets of carbon-free design by 2030.

Beyond the operational energy a building consumes are the embodied energy and environmental impacts of the materials used to construct it. We have signed a Materials Pledge, along with over 70 firms, in support of the manufacturers who signed the Living Futures Living Product 50 Pledge. As stated in the Pledge, “Our ultimate aspiration is to design and construct with holistically optimized materials. We want the materials used to create our projects to positively impact human health, the climate, the environment, and society. We cannot achieve this goal alone.”

We strive to leverage our partnerships with academic and professional organizations such as Carbon Leadership Forum to develop and improve our life cycle assessment capabilities.

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