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Cougar Ridge Elementary School

Bellevue, Washington

School District: Issaquah School District

Number of students: 600

Square feet: 11,200

Date completed: 2018



The Cougar Ridge Elementary School expansion improves safety and security while increasing the school’s capacity. An additional six classrooms were added, activity spaces were increased, and the cafeteria was expanded to meet additional space needs and accommodate the State-funded All Day Kindergarten.

The design of the classroom addition focused on providing exceptional daylight to the learning environments. Each classroom has large windows, tall ceilings, and a generous roof overhang to bring daylight deep into the space while providing shade from direct sun. The new building design responds to the forested foothills of the project site with a durable, subdued regional aesthetic. The project is an excellent example of how a few simple design considerations can make large improvements in the quality of the learning and working environment.