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Florence Henry Memorial Chapel

Seattle, Washington

Owner: Florence Henry Memorial Chapel

Square feet: 2,800

Date completed: 2005



Florence Henry Memorial Chapel, listed on the Historic Resource Inventory of King County, is a private non-denominational chapel located in The Highlands northwest of Seattle, in the City of Shoreline, WA. The unreinforced hollow clay tile and stucco building was built in 1911. Prior to the commission given in 2003 to rehabilitate the chapel, it remained in its original condition with the main floor and basement consisting of a total of 2,800 sf.

Unfortunately, over time the chapel’s original Kimball organ had badly deteriorated. The most cost effective solution was to replace it with a new instrument. While the size of the new organ, built by John Brombaugh, is acoustically appropriate for the space, its physical dimensions required the adaptation of the chancel and choir area. The rehabilitation effort included the improvement of the accessible path to the main space of the chapel, meeting current egress and fire safety requirements, as well as sound and lighting system upgrades.

The project was privately funded and required a major fundraising campaign. The first two phases of work included demolition and organ installation and building rehabilitation. Phase three included a new front terrace and columbarium.