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Gilham Elementary School

Eugene, Oregon

School District: 4J Public Schools

Number of students: 550

Square feet: New Additions: 6,342

Date completed: 2016


Early Childhood
Early Childhood

Bassetti, in conjunction with local Eugene firm GMA, was hired to perform an extensive existing conditions analysis, in-depth ed specs comparison, robust community engagement plan, and conceptual design options. With strong parent and community involvement, it was important that the foundation of the master plan be rooted in a comprehensive community outreach and engagement process including:

  • InvolvingĀ parents, community members and District staff, in the school design committee
  • Creating an accessible website to both inform and allow for comments
  • Holding community and school design committee engagement meetings
  • Conducting in-depth surveys of staff, parents, and community
  • Performing programming activities with the design committee, community, and students
  • Critiques of design options by the community and design committee
  • Project goal setting

The final master plan focused on approximately 16,000 SF of new construction and 25,000 SF of renovation of the existing campus. Key elements were safety and security, flexibility and adaptability, and expandability. The primary new programmatic pieces included a new learning cluster, added multipurpose labs, expanded flex spaces, additional enclosed circulation, added private toilets, a new auxiliary gym space, and a remodeled entry to control security. Preliminary cost estimating outlined the need for construction to take place in two phases, based on available District funds. After the successful master plan, our team was hired to perform the work. We are currently completing schematic design.