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Renton Memorial Stadium

Renton, Washington

School District: Renton School District

Capacity: 5,300 people

Square feet: 35,000

Date completed: 2013



The renovation of Renton Memorial Stadium reinforces its iconic status amid parks, residences, and commercial facilities as host to numerous community and sporting events. The stadium is used by Renton School District for football games, major track and field meets, and lacrosse and soccer matches. It also serves the greater community for a variety of public events and is the occasional practice field for the Seattle Seahawks.

To accommodate the stadium’s use by multiple school teams, the grandstand puts on a kinetic light show in the home team’s colors, giving patrons a sense of ownership and announcing activity to the broader community. Below the grandstand, over 10,000 square feet of interior space contain restrooms, locker rooms, taping rooms, officials’ rooms, storage, maintenance, offices, and a conference room. New press boxes have excellent sight lines and provide additional exterior platforms for camera recording. The visitor’s side is designed to be as welcoming as the home’s since District teams alternate throughout the season. Careful integration of mechanical systems, building envelope, and structure led to remarkably clean, open, and comfortable spaces in the formerly cold and cluttered interior. The most sustainable building is one that’s already built – the economy of Renton Memorial Stadium is in its rehabilitation and ability to endure for generations.